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14 Great Canadian Hotel Redemptions for the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

14 Great Canadian Hotel Redemptions for the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

There’s a lot of excitement building for the solar eclipse that’s happening on Monday, April 8, 2024. Having the chance to see a solar eclipse is quite special, and it’s an opportunity that doesn’t come up often.

With the eclipse only a few weeks away, there’s still time to plan a short trip to position yourself for the best view, and it could be a great use of points.

Why This Eclipse Is Special

This year’s eclipse is a special one because some Canadian cities will be along the path of totality.

In case you’re unfamiliar with eclipse terminology, totality is the stage of a solar eclipse where the moon comes between the earth and sun and completely blocks out the sun’s light. The path of totality is the area on earth that will be in the moon’s shadow, where the totality will be visible.

Canadians last had the chance to witness a partial solar eclipse in 2017.

Prior to this, the last total eclipse visible within Canada was on February 26, 1979, and the next one won’t be until August 23, 2044.

The Eclipse Path

This year’s eclipse will enter Mexico, travel through the United States, and finally enter Canada through southern Ontario just before 2pm Eastern Time. It will pass over Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and finally exit the country through Newfoundland.

A total eclipse will be a very different experience from a partial eclipse, so take the opportunity to enjoy this rare natural phenomenon if you can.

Many schools across the provinces have cancelled classes for that day, so if you don’t live in a city that is on the path of totality, what better excuse to take a day trip to or stay overnight in a city that is.

You can check to see the path the eclipse will be taking on the Eclipse 2024 website. Keep in mind that the closer you stay to the center of the path of totality, the more time you’ll get to experience totality.

To help with the planning, we’ve put together a list of hotels that will be on the path of totality that still have points redemption rates available at the time of writing. While there are other hotels that you can book, we’ve based our list on our current points valuations, and these properties will allow you to maximize your value.

Also, if you have a Marriott Bonvoy Free Night Award hanging around, this may be a good use for it.

Comparatively, if you have a Hilton Honors Free Night Reward or IHG…

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