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easyJet holidays announce new animal welfare policy

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easyJet has announced plans to change holidays, trips and excursions to make animal welfare a key priority of its business operations.

After consulting leading animal welfare charities including World Animal Protection, the tour operator has scrapped all tours that include animal-based attractions. This includes marine parks, zoos, animal performances, animal rides and sporting events involving animals.

Everything from camel rides in Egypt to performing sea lions in Tenerife will no longer be promoted by easyJet, in new measures commended by animal rights charity PETA.

In implementing the new measures, easyJet took into consideration animal rights guidelines developed by ABTA to ensure that the impact of tourism does not have a harmful effect on the planet or the natural world.

As well as cutting their own tours and excursions, easyJet has also made a commitment to educate hotel partners on the importance of animal welfare.

Matt Callaghan, easyJet holidays’ chief operating officer, said: “As one of the largest tour operators, we’re committed to being an industry leader when it comes to responsible travel. Our own research tells us that sustainable travel experiences are important to our customers, so we want to make it easy for them to holiday better.”

Other sustainable initatives announced by easyJet include cutting carbon emissions, making more transfers electric and offering lesser known destinations for tourists to discover, such as Akureyri in Iceland.

Katheryn Wise, wildlife campaigns manager at World Animal Protection UK, said: “easyJet holidays has really stepped up for animals with this strong and ambitious animal welfare policy.

“From the outset easyJet holidays have been clear that they are committed to offering their customers responsible, wildlife-friendly travel options and it has been a pleasure to work with a company focused on listening to their customers and choosing not to profit from captive wildlife entertainment.”

Wise went on: “It is through working together and commitment like this that we can truly expect to see lasting change for wild animals across the world.”

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