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Your Guide to the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl

nova scotia lobster

Welcome to the shell-abration – where lobster is the center of attention. You might even say it’s the lob-star! Not only did I eat an incredible amount of lobster the week I was at the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl, but I also heard so many lobster puns – it was lobsteriffic!

I traveled to South Shore, Nova Scotia, for a week in February…yes, February—to take part in the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl festival. The South Shore Lobster fishing season runs from the last week in November to the last week in May, and the South Shore Lobster Crawl happens every February.

I’ve enjoyed many Summer road trips to Nova Scotia, but this was my first winter visit. It may be cold in February, but you won’t even notice it with the abundance of fun activities and events during the festival. Actually, it’s a great reason to eat warm Lobster chowder!

Lobster Love

I have an incredible love of lobster, so when I heard of this festival, I knew I had to attend. I love the time and attention you have to take in eating lobster. Cracking the lobster and coaxing the meat out of the shells slows me down and puts me in the present. I like the challenge and tactile experience of it – I savor the food more that way. The Nova Scotia lobster meat is sweet and needs absolutely nothing with it, in my opinion, yet I’m not one to turn down a little melted butter!

nova scotia lobster

I’ve traveled all over Nova Scotia and the Canadian Maritimes for lobster, but I had never been there in the winter months – or for a lobster festival!

Winter is a great time to visit Nova Scotia – it’s the off-season for tourism, and they generally have pretty mild winters. However, when I was there, we actually did have a big storm – leaving the little fishing towns covered in a winter wonderland!

Regardless, traveling to Nova Scotia in winter is a great way to escape the summer crowds and get a much more local feel for the communities in the off-season. Sure – not everything is open at this time of year, however the joy and authenticity of traveling in the offseason outweighs that for me every time.

Lobster Fishing Seasons in Nova Scotia

Lobster fishing occurs off the coast of Nova Scotia year-round. It’s a ‘provenshell’ thing – Lobster fishing seasons are assigned by province throughout the year. This allows them to manage and conserve the lobster catch for future generations. And this is why no matter when you travel to Nova Scotia, you can get fresh lobster – even in the winter….

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