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How to Become a House Sitter in Vietnam

house sitting tasks plant watering

In this article, I’ll tell you how to become a house sitter in Vietnam. I recently spent 6 weeks house sitting in Ho Chi Minh City and loved my time there. I enjoyed it so much, that I’ve already booked to return.

Since leaving the UK two years ago, I’ve traveled the world as a digital nomad. I use house sitting to keep my accommodation costs down and enhance my overall experience. I’ve found it’s a great way to immerse in a culture and really get to know a place and its people.

I currently have over thirty 5-star reviews for house sitting around the world and I want to pass on all my knowledge and experience. So, if you’re asking yourself ‘How do I become a house sitter in Vietnam?’, all the information you need is right here.

What is a House Sitter?

house sitting tasks plant watering

Essentially, a house sitter is someone who takes care of another person’s home for a set period. Usually, while the host family is away on vacation. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that ensures the property remains safe and secure, and the sitter receives free accommodation in a local, homely setting.

I started building my house sitting profile over 5 years ago and now have dozens of countries and cities under my belt. I find that the experience feels more like living somewhere as opposed to simply passing through, which I love. I’ve met some amazing people along the way and have open invites for return visits to many of my previous stays.

Sits can range from a 1-night stay to months in length. My longest sit to date was in Durham, North Carolina in the summer of 2023, where I stayed for 2.5 months looking after a beautiful property. If you’re also interested in house sitting in the US, be sure to read my previous article – How to Find Pet Sitting Jobs in The US.

Pets are often included, but not always. This adds another fun dynamic to a house sit for sure. Tasks like watering plants, cutting the grass, collecting mail, and keeping up the trash schedule are usually part of the deal. All of this information is presented upfront before any application is made, so you always know what you’re heading into and what’s expected of you during your stay.

Requirements to Become a House Sitter in Vietnam

pet sittingpet sitting

If you’re wondering how to get into house sitting in Vietnam, there are a couple of basic requirements to consider first. There’s a level of commitment and responsibility that comes with every sit. So, before we move on to the how and the…

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