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Mistakes People Make While Traveling By Train

Mistakes People Make While Traveling By Train

Traveling by train can be a magical experience. You can enjoy stunning scenery as you pass through parts of the world you might not have the opportunity to see otherwise. It’s also a more eco-friendly alternative to flying or driving.

But like any form of transit, train travel also comes with its fair share of stress. To help train-goers, we asked experts to break down some of the most common mistakes people make while traveling by rail. Read on for their observations and advice for making the journey as smooth as possible.

Traveling With Too Much Luggage

Compared with air travel, taking a train can be a more relaxing experience, as you don’t have to worry about bag rules. But you should still aim to pack as efficiently as you can.

“Although you can take as much as you can carry and there are no luggage restrictions on the vast majority of trains, bear in mind that you will need to carry this on and off trains, as well as securing its spot in the luggage racks,” said Simon Hodge, managing director of the U.K.-based Tailor Made Rail. “It is best to travel light.”

Not Bringing Enough Food

Hodge noted that another common mistake in train travel is not bringing enough food on board for a long journey, and planning to rely on the dining car ― if there even is one.

“These restaurant cars can run out of your preferred choice very easily, and there are no restrictions to bringing your own food and drink on board, unlike airlines,” he said. “Take a picnic on board for longer journeys.”

Taking Out Strong-Smelling Foods

It’s important to pack enough food for yourself, but make sure you give some thought to what, specifically, you plan to eat on the train.

“That wonderful speciality cheese you see in the deli on the way to the train station is perfect for ending dinner at home with friends, but it may not smell so great after several hours on a hot train,” said Rail Europe CEO and executive chairman Björn Bender, who commutes by train between Paris and Switzerland almost weekly.

“Pack a picnic for the journey, to be sure, but go easy on strong-smelling foods,” Bender told HuffPost. “Anything too spicy or pungent may test the patience of fellow passengers in your carriage.”

Misunderstanding The Seat Assignment Policy

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the seating situation before you book your train journey.

“A common mistake people make that affects their fellow travelers is not being familiar with seating assignment policies,” said…

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