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British Airways cabin crew fired for racist video mocking Asian passengers

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Two British Airways cabin crew have been fired after sharing a racist video of them “imitating Asian passengers” to their Instagram stories.

In a screen recording posted to TikTok by @jadenguyen_2, Holly Walton was filmed by Lauren Bray making slant-eyed gestures and using a Chinese accent to say “Give me wine”.

The footage from September 2022 was originally posted from Antigua with the caption “2 weeks in a row with this d***head” following a shift on flight BA2157 from Gatwick.

The two were drinking at the Trade Winds Hotel in Antigua during the layover when the video was filmed.

Colleagues expressed outrage over the clip and said that it targeted a Chinese family who had struggled to order drinks in English during the long-haul flight.

Since the TikTok was posted on Saturday it has been viewed over 1.1 million times, alerting members of British Airways staff and management to the offensive content over the weekend.

Bray’s Instagram account has been deactivated following the incident.

A fellow British Airways crew member told The Sun: “This recording is obscene. For anyone to have such racist thoughts, to then film them and share it with the world, is shocking and dumb in equal measure.

“This is hugely damaging for the airline and they deserved the axe.”

The pair were sacked earlier this week with Walton reportedly called back from a work trip to Cancun to face airline executives, and Bray seen in “floods of tears” following the meeting.

A spokesperson for British Airways said: “All forms of racism are completely unacceptable, and we take allegations of this nature very seriously.

“These two individuals are no longer employed by us.”

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