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Martin Lewis issues urgent advice on getting cheaper easyJet flights

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Martin Lewis has provided some urgent advice for anyone looking to travel with easyJet at the end of the year or early 2025.

The Money Saving Expert posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) regarding “a whole new range of seats” that the airline is selling for flights operating between 1 December 2024 and 2 March 2025.

In the video, posted on Wednesday 20 March, Lewis states that there is “an opportunity to get far, far cheaper prices than normal”.

He explains that easyJet uses “demand pricing”, in which the price shown “is dynamic based on how many people are trying to buy tickets for a flight”.

“So usually the very cheapest point is exactly when flights are launched. Tomorrow, Thursday 21 Match 2024, it’s launching a whole new range of seats, 10 million UK seats for flights.

“If you can pounce when they launch, that is usually the very cheapest time.”

Lewis adds that the flights obviously cover the “crucial Christmas period”, and he uses an example from last year of a woman who tweeted him thanking him and pointing out that the price for a flight to Lanzarote around Christmas was “£215 more expensive” at 8am compared to 6.15am.

The price drop has indeed started on the easyJet website, with flights to Paris available for as little as £24.99 in February 2025, and flights to Amsterdam offered at just £29.99.

It is indeed worth noting that the aforementioned “dynamic pricing” that Lewis claims easyJet use will have come into effect today – using that example of Lanzarote, a one-way flight to the popular Canary Island on 20 December is currently priced at a minimum of £264.99.

EasyJet’s website says that it is offering “ski flights to top hubs like Geneva, Grenoble and Innsbruck“ as well as “flights to the best Christmas market destinations in Europe – from Prague, to Vienna, to Krakow and more“.

Lewis explained that he thinks that prices on some routes may get cheaper if there wasn’t a lot of demand when the seats initially became available, but people need to use their intuition.

“If a flight looks expensive, then something has obviously changed.

“This is a bit more art than science.”

The Independent has contacted easyJet for comment.

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