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FLIGHT RESERVATION for VISA • How to Get Dummy Ticket for Schengen, Canada and Other Visa Applications

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By continuing to read this article, you agree to double check with the authorities or other concerned entities for the latest updates.

One of the trickiest parts of applying for a Schengen Visa, Canada Visa or other first-world visas is getting the flight reservations.

For example, for Schengen Visa, flight reservations are a requirement. Not having these will most likely result in the denial of your application. But here’s the thing: Booking flight tickets before you get a visa is not advisable because in the off-chance that you are refused, it will be a big waste of money. Flight tickets are not cheap!

It is important to remember this: What is required is FLIGHT RESERVATION, not an actual ticket. Meaning, you don’t need to pay for the flights in full yet. You just need to reserve them. It’s sometimes casually called a “dummy ticket” because you can cancel it or it expires.


For our past Schengen Visa applications, we’ve always booked with Gazelle Travel and Tours, which came highly recommended by a friend. They issue legit reservation proof that we used in our application.

We’ve been travel blogging for the past 14 years, covering around 60 countries. Many of them require a flight reservation in their visa application process. We’ve experienced lodging our Schengen visa application via the French, Italian, Greek, and German embassies. We never had any problems with the flight reservations it issues. (Our applications were approved, no sweat!)

Gazelle Travel and Tours is:

  • DOT-Accredited (Accreditation No. TOP-R04A-00003487-2016)
  • DTI-registered
  • Member of NAITAS (National Association of Independent Travel Agencies – Philippines)

From the day we published our Schengen Visa Guide, we get multiple inquiries about how to book with them, so we decided to just make it a lot easier for our readers. We arranged an agreement with them and created a Google Form (see below) where you can simply enter the details of your flight reservation request and they will be the one to contact you via text or email.

Aside from travel agencies, a few airlines will allow you to reserve flights for free. You can simply visit their website, choose your flights, and when you’re asked how you would like to pay, choose to pay cash at their office. They will issue a flight reservation that is valid for 24-48 hours. Just reserve the day before your submission of application. But these airlines are rare. Most airlines have stopped this practice.

If the route you want isn’t served by an airline that allows flight reservation, then consider getting one…

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