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Is The Rollink Flex 360 The Ultimate Game-Change for Frequent Flyers? An In-Depth Review

Screen grab from the Rollink website

When it comes to traveling, I have a couple of logistical problems. I love suitcases and travel gear, but I live in a smallish condo. So, my habit of acquiring suitcases is unsuitable for my living conditions.

That’s why I was so amped to try out the Rollink Flex 360 Carry-On Fully Collapsible Suitcase. When else can you say you can fold your bag for easy storage under your bed or on a shelf in your closet? Never.

After my much beloved and stickered Speck suitcase broke, I was eager to get a new suitcase for all my adventures. I will admit that I was hesitant about finding durable collapsible luggage despite its obvious merits, though I quickly learned my fears were unwarranted.

This handy carry-on collapsible suitcase took its first adventure with me on a short flight to Door County, Wisconsin, for a long weekend. Now, it has also been to Mexico, and after two very different airport experiences with it, I have some thoughts I wanted to share.

What is Rollink?

Screen grab from the Rollink website
Rollink / Rollink

Rollink is a strictly luggage-based brand that specializes in collapsible, space-saving pieces. Most of its products are collapsible suitcases, though Rollink also has some travel accessories like toiletry bags and mini travel bags for passports and cash.

Per the Rollink website, their suitcases are 75% thinner than the average bag, so they’re great for travel and home. These bags fit under your bed or on a shelf without taking up the entire thing. The company even says they’re light enough to hang them on a rack or closet, creating even more organizational opportunities.

Where to buy Rollink suitcases:

Here’s a comparison chart between fan-favorite brand BÉIS and Rollink suitcases:

Category BÉIS Rollink
Brand Reputation BÉIS is a lifestyle brand founded by Shay Mitchell, known for its trendy designs and affordable prices. Rollink is a newer brand focused on innovative features and modern designs.
Price Range BÉIS suitcases are moderately priced, offering good value for the quality and design. Rollink suitcases are competitively priced, often offering advanced features at affordable rates.
Materials BÉIS suitcases typically use durable materials like polycarbonate and nylon. Rollink suitcases also prioritize durability, often using materials like polycarbonate for resilience.
Design BÉIS offers stylish and trendy designs, often incorporating fashionable colors and patterns. Rollink emphasizes sleek and modern designs, with a focus on…

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