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Redeem CIBC Aventura Points for 1.25 Cents Per Point

Redeem CIBC Aventura Points for 1.25 Cents Per Point

One of the best ways to redeem CIBC Aventura Points is by applying them to purchases made directly with travel vendors. This comes in handy for booking independent hotels, cruises, or anything else that you can’t book with other points currencies.

Previously, cardholders could redeem Aventura Points for 0.625 cents per point (cpp) against any travel purchase, or 8,000 points for every $50 (all figures in CAD) of credit. In 2022, CIBC doubled that rate to 1.25cpp or 8,000 points for every $100 of credit, and has extended it a few times since.

Fortunately, CIBC has now extended the promotional redemption rate indefinitely, which is great news for anyone looking to redeem Aventura Points for flexible travel purchases.

Redeem CIBC Aventura Points for 1.25 Cents Per Point

On an ongoing basis, all CIBC Aventura cardholders can redeem Aventura Points for 1.25 cents per point (cpp) towards any and all travel purchases. The points are converted into a statement credit, which offsets the cost of your purchase.

This promotion is essentially a 100% bonus from the previous standard rate when redeeming Aventura Points for a statement credit towards travel purchases.

In other words, the value of each Aventura point has been doubled, which works out to 1.25 cents per Aventura Point redeemed, or a ratio of 8,000 Aventura Point for every $100 (CAD) of statement credit.

Your purchase must code as travel in order to redeem Aventura points at this improved ratio, and the purchase must also be made in Canadian dollars in order to qualify.

When it comes time to redeem points at their maximum value, CIBC requires you to complete a three-step process:

  • Purchase travel with your CIBC Aventura credit card
  • Find the pending transaction
  • Redeem your points for the pending transaction

The first step is the easiest of the three. You can book flights, vacation packages, cruises, hotels, car rentals, tours, trains, limousines, and any other travel.

You aren’t required to book through a specific channel, such as any particular online travel agency or the bank’s in-house CIBC Travel Rewards Centre. Rather, you can use any method that you’d like; just be sure to use your CIBC Aventura credit card for the purchase.

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