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12 Essential Apps Every Backpacker Needs

A backpacker in the Caucus Mountains (photo: Dmitrii Vaccinium)

Apps can be invaluable tools for backpackers. There are apps for whether you need to find your way around a new city, plan your public transport route, or even prepare for possible emergencies. But it’s important to remember that you won’t always have access to mobile data, and even when you do, you might not want to use your roaming allowance to figure out how many Vietnamese dongs you can get for a dollar.

Below, we look at 12 apps you shouldn’t be without when backpacking in any country.

A backpacker in the Caucus Mountains (photo: Dmitrii Vaccinium)
A backpacker in the Caucus Mountains (photo: Dmitrii Vaccinium)

Mobile Apps

1. VPN

Using a VPN, you can log into your banking app and watch TV shows from home that you wouldn’t usually be able to access while abroad. You may also need a VPN to access restricted sites in certain countries. Without a VPN, you won’t be able to access sites like Google in countries like China, for example. 

VPNs work on any device, so whether you’re a loyal iOS user or prefer Android, you can install a VPN app to support safer connections. Some VPNs work better with one operating system over the other, so if you love Apple, find a VPN that works well with your phone, and if you’re dedicated to Android, find a VPN that offers Android device protection

2. Communication App

It isn’t just Google that’s banned in some countries. Access to the popular messaging app WhatsApp is also restricted, and while you can get around this using your VPN, you should have backup communication apps ready.

Download and install WeChat and other messaging services, and have emergency contacts do the same so you can be sure you can reach them if needed. You can also use these apps for general catchups and to send photos and other media you capture on your adventures.

3. Photo Backup

You will likely amass many photos and video clips documenting your activities during your travels. Losing them can be heartbreaking. Plenty of backup options are available, including some offering generous free options.

Google Drive and Apple iCloud are both very accessible, and you can sync your phone and other devices, so everything is safe. You can also upload photos and video files when connected to Wi-Fi to avoid using your data allowance.

4. Emergency Location App

You can’t count on cell phone reception if you’re trekking the Great Himalayan Trail. While that’s great for disconnecting and can do wonders for mental health, it’s not great if you have an accident. Whether the…

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