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Where To Stay in Chicago (2024): 6 Best Areas For Every Budget

Best Places To Stay In Chicago 

Are you planning a trip to Chicago but have no idea where you should stay? Don’t worry because you have found the best guide to all the Chicago neighborhoods and top hotels in the city! All the work has been done for you with this detailed guide on all the best areas to stay in Chicago, with hotel options and price ranges to suit every budget. So sit back, relax, and keep scrolling until you see a hotel that’s right up your alley.

Best Places To Stay In Chicago

Best Places To Stay In Chicago 

As the third-largest city in the United States, Chicago can be overwhelming to newcomers. Whether it’s your first or fifth visit, deciding where to stay in Chicago is difficult. First, you should figure out what you would prefer for your trip—a hotel close to all of the city’s best tourist attractions or something in a more serene part of the metropolis with scenic views of Lake Michigan.

Once you’ve sorted that out, deciding on the right neighborhood will be easy. And don’t stress about booking hotels outside the city center—Chicago has an excellent network of public transportation that will help you get around the city with ease. From the best budget hostels to the most opulent five-star hotels in the Second City, here’s everything you need to know about the best places to stay in Chicago!

Chicago Loop

where to stay in chicago the loop

Chicago Loop is the area of downtown Chicago where all the most famous landmarks and attractions are. If this is your first time in the city and you want to be within easy walking distance of all the top sights, this is by far the best neighborhood for a hotel stay.

The Chicago Loop encompasses several downtown neighborhoods, including Millennium Park and New Eastside, while Michigan Avenue runs through the central area of the district. Some of Chicago’s best hotels are in this area, and they’re all a short walk from The Art Institute of Chicago, Willis Tower, The Rookery Building, and other iconic sights.

Also, the Chicago Loop borders two bodies of water – the Chicago River in the west and Lake Michigan in the east. Stay near either edge, preferably in a high-rise hotel, and you’ll get to experience marvelous views from your hotel room.

Luxury: JW Marriott Chicago

JW Marriott Chicago is one of the best luxury hotels in the Chicago Loop district. The hotel is in a high-rise building and the rooms on higher floors offer nice city views, thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Also, all the rooms have extra high ceilings and are very spacious….

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