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13 Exciting Things To Do In Rome With Teens + Tips For Visiting

Piazza Navona in Rome

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We loved visiting Rome with our two teenage daughters. We were excited to visit The Eternal City for many reasons, but we weren’t expecting our teenage girls to love it as much as they did. The reason for this? There are tons of things to do in Rome for teenagers.

One of the fountains on Piazza Navona

Our teens adore Rome because it has this unmatched, vibrant energy and loads of iconic landmarks to get their “I was in Rome” photos. Places like the Colosseum and the Pantheon captivated their young and curious minds and got them inspired and interested in art and architecture. 

They loved the bustling streets and lively piazzas, not to mention the delectable Italian cuisine from mouthwatering pizza to creamy gelato, which made even the fussiest of eaters in our family satisfied. 

If you’re not sure what to do in Rome with teens, then here are some of the top attractions that our teenagers enjoy in Rome!

Things To Do In Rome with Teenagers

Wander Around Trastevere

savannah walking under vine draped road

Rome can be a bit of an overwhelming city at times. It’s busy, it’s loud, it’s bustling, and when walking from attraction to attraction, you find yourself cursing to yourself for the third time as a scooter pulls out in front of you from nowhere.

This is why we loved the Trastevere neighborhood so much as it’s a far cry from this scene in Rome. 

It’s quiet, it’s trendy, and it’s fashionable. It’s filled with loads of hip cafes, bars, and boutique shops. It still has the iconic Roman architecture and cobbled streets that Rome is famous for but without the honking and chaos. 

This district is known as the former working-class neighborhood. People are drawn to the narrow alleyways, street art murals, and bohemian atmosphere.

Trastevere gave our teens a true insight into modern Italian culture. You can see how Italians go about their daily lives and feel the beat of the city as you meander through a labyrinth of alleys and quiet streets.

Because it’s located in the south of the city, across the river from the Colosseum, you get to avoid a lot of the hustle and bustle but still be close to the action, so we always recommend that you stay in this neighborhood when visiting the city.

It’s also worth noting that this is a lively district at night with backpackers heading to bars,…

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