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Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Hoi An

Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Hoi An

Welcome to my digital nomad guide to living in Hoi An. This wonderful and historic Vietnamese city is one of my favorite places to work remotely. It offers the perfect mixture of ancient culture, modern amenities, and one of the best beaches I’ve ever visited.

Living in Hoi An as a digital nomad gave me the best work/life balance I’ve ever experienced. From solid beach WiFi to private coworking spaces, Hoi An has everything a remote worker like me desires.

About Hoi An

Lanterns decorating a cafe in Old Town Hoi An

Located on Vietnam’s central east coast, Hoi An is a city of 120,000 people and a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. Old Town Hoi An, with its famous Japanese Bridge, dates back to the 15th century as a trading port.

Hoi An also benefits from a beautiful coastline and is home to some of the best beaches I’ve ever seen. As such, many tourists visit Hoi An every year. One of my favorite memories from my stay is cycling through the vast rice paddies, dodging water buffalo to get to the beach.

The Night Market takes over several streets of Old Town every evening, drawing locals and tourists alike to the riverside. While boats and candle-lit lanterns fill the river after dark creating an awesome photo opportunity.

Digital Nomad in Hoi An: Personal Experience

Being a digital nomad in Hoi An was a fun experience. However, as one of Vietnam’s smaller cities, I had some concerns going in and imagined that I could face some issues as a remote worker.

My worries were all unfounded as I discovered several great dedicated coworking options for very affordable rates. And like much of Vietnam, WiFi is pretty much available everywhere; from beach sunbeds to even the smallest of cafes.

The cost of living in Hoi An is another great benefit for digital nomads. Across the board, I found things to be significantly cheaper than in many other countries I’ve visited (more on this later).

Although Hoi An isn’t exempt from Vietnam’s rainy season, it never gets too cold. I love the warm year-round climate and the temperatures definitely contributed to choosing Hoi An as a temporary home base.

Is Hoi An Safe?

Hoi An Hoi An

Like anywhere, being aware of surroundings, taking care of belongings, and using common sense is important. But in general, Hoi An is a safe place to visit with crime stats that rank from low to very low for all varieties of incidences.

The heavy tourist traffic, especially in the Old Town…

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