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11 Very Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Hand Luggage Only

Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta Mexico Marina Vallarta

Perched on the coastline of Jalisco state in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has really gained popularity over the last few decades; and with good reason! Not only is the coastline absolutely gorgeous, but there are so many of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta dotted across the wider region. 

Just like other big-hitting destinations in Mexico like; Tulum and Cancun, Puerto Vallarta is a resort town with heaps to do. Honestly, it’s beautiful and you’re going to have the best trip to Mexico. 

So, to help you have an amazing trip to Puerto Vallarta, we’re sharing our top spots you can’t miss once you arrive. This way, you can spend less time being bogged down with planning and more time exploring the local area. 

Have a great trip to Mexico!

1.) Bahía de Banderas

To be honest, you can’t miss Bahía de Banderas if you’re already staying in Puerto Vallarta. You see, it’s one of the largest bays in the area and where most of the hotels are situated. 

Not only that, there’s heaps to do around the bay itself. Once here, make sure to check out Conchas Chinas Beach which is perfect to visit if you fancy a day by the coastline. Though, a heads up, you will want to bring your own parasol and sunlounger if you’re spending longer at the beach itself. There is very rarely anyone renting equipment on this beach. 

Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta Mexico Conchas Chinas

Afterwards, head on over to Los Muertos Beach. This is where the main promenade area of Puerto Vallarta is and well worth visiting for an afternoon.

You see, you can spend the day on the beach, and the early evening in the local bars and restaurants that line the shoreline. We loved La Palapa Restaurant for dinner. Just be sure to reserve a table for sunset – the views are incredible. 

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2.) Yelapa Falls Cruise

Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta Mexico Sunset Viewpoint

Okay, so, one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta is to book a boat tour. We loved this all-inclusive Yelapa Falls cruise.

Not only will you spend time on the coastline around Puerto Vallarta, but you’ll also get ample time to swim near Yelapa Falls. 

Plus, you’ll have an all-inclusive bar, food, and more onboard. Though, a heads up, be sure to book these cruise tickets before arriving in Puerto Vallarta. Tickets sell out fast at peak times. 

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3.) Naval Museum of Puerto Vallarta

Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta Mexico Downtown

The Naval Museum of Mexico is a historic site that’s well worth visiting while you’re in Puerto Vallarta….

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