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Camping Dysfunction: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Learn the symptoms, diagnosis, and cure for Camping Dysfunction. 

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Camping season is rapidly approaching! Many RVers are already outlining their itineraries, giddy about a magical summer being close by. But some RVers may feel apprehensive, or even reluctant, to travel this summer.

If dreading camping season feels familiar, you may be suffering from Camping Dysfunction. You aren’t alone: over 50% of RVers have experienced Camping Dysfunction. Keep reading to learn the symptoms, diagnosis, and cure for Camping Dysfunction. 

What is Camping Dysfunction?

Camping Dysfunction (C.D.) is a unique condition that affects RVers, leading to a noticeable decrease in their excitement and enthusiasm for camping and outdoor adventures. This condition often emerges among individuals who have fallen into a routine of repeatedly planning the same types of trips. 


The symptoms of C.D. can vary from one individual to another but generally include:

  • A lack of excitement at the thought of going on a new camping trip
  • Feelings of monotony or boredom when planning or embarking on a camping adventure
  • A noticeable decrease in the frequency of camping trips
  • Expressing a desire for something different but feeling uncertain about how to break the camping routine
  • A sense of nostalgia for the excitement once felt at the beginning of one’s camping experiences


The primary cause of C.D. is the repetitive nature of camping experiences. Many RVers find themselves visiting the same locations, engaging in the same activities, and sticking to what’s familiar. This repetition can lead to a gradual decrease in excitement and interest as the sense of adventure and novelty that initially drew them to camping begins to fade.


Diagnosing Camping Dysfunction involves a self-assessment of one’s feelings and attitudes towards camping. Individuals may recognize the symptoms in themselves when they start feeling indifferent towards planning trips or when the idea of another camping trip no longer brings them joy. Conversations with fellow RVers who have experienced similar feelings can also help in identifying the condition.


The most effective treatment for Camping Dysfunction is to introduce variety and novelty into one’s camping experiences. A…

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