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5 Best Small Motorhomes With Slide Outs For 2024 – RVBlogger

5 Best Small Motorhomes With Slide Outs For 2024 – RVBlogger

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Slide-outs are a common feature of RVs that allow you to significantly increase the space inside while still being able to safely travel on the highway. These features are most commonly found on large RVs, such as Class A. But are there small motorhomes with slide-outs?

While it’s not as common, smaller RVs do sometimes have slide-outs. Of the smaller RV classes, Class C RVs have them most commonly. But you can also occasionally find them on Class B and B+ RVs. This allows you to have a compact RV that has a surprising amount of space.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at small motorhomes with slide outs that you can buy in 2024. We’ll cover different types of RVs, and give you the best models with slide-outs you can find right now. 

What’s The Difference Between A Class B, B+, And Class C?

Distinguishing Class A RVs, the largest class of RV, from other classes isn’t too hard. They’re the big, bus-like RVs, and are much larger than other classes. But when it comes to Class B, B+, and C RVs, the differences can be a little murkier. Thankfully, it’s not as complicated as it might seem.

A Class B RV is the smallest class of RV, and will almost always be based on a cargo van. Rather than a built-out body that’s placed on a chassis, as with other classes, Class B RVs adapt the existing van to create the RV. Because of this construction method, Class B RVs will almost never have slide-outs. 

Class C RVs are a bit larger than Class B, and they construct a separate body on top of a chassis cab, allowing for more space. Class Cs are most easily distinguished by the large overhang above the cab, which allows for extra sleeping or storage space. They may sometimes include slide-outs. 

Class B+ RVs are between a Class B and a Class C in size. The exact definitions are a bit trickier here, but most commonly, a Class B+ RV uses a chassis cab and a separately constructed body on top for their construction. They typically have an overhang above the cab, but it’s smaller than a Class C’s overhang. Unlike normal Class B RVs, they may also include slide-outs. 

5 Best Small Motorhomes With Slide Outs

Now that we know a bit more about different types of small RVs, let’s take…

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