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One of the most common questions we get asked about visiting Rome is; where do I stay? The answer is always the Trastevere neighborhood! It was once a hidden gem but is now turning a lot of heads because there are so many things to do in Trastevere and places to explore.

This quaint, vibrant neighborhood is located just South of the Vatican City and across the river from the Colosseum and is the ancient working-class district. It’s known for being quieter and cheaper than the other neighborhoods in central Rome, but still being close to the action.


It was by far our favorite neighborhood in Rome and we are so glad we decided to unpack our suitcase there. 

While it’s a great base for exploring all the top sites and attractions in Rome, it’s also a neighborhood that’s worth exploring. 

In this guide, I’ve shared some of our favorite attractions in Trastevere as well as our favorite places to eat, where to stay, how to get around, and tips for visiting, so you can plan your visit to this exciting neighborhood with ease!

Why Is Trastevere Famous?

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Trastevere is the former working-class district of Rome and is where you will find a vibrant, bohemian atmosphere.

It’s famous for its quaint, narrow cobbled streets, Renaissance architecture and medieval houses, and bustling atmosphere. It has a more local vibe, allowing you to feel the beat of Italian life more intimately, and it’s also a well-known district for backpackers looking for cheaper accommodation.

In the daytime, Trastevere is quiet, idyllic, and somewhat romantic. At night, the bars come alive with live music, DJs, and laughing, smiling people – locals and tourists alike – bringing the quiet streets to life.

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Since it’s located across the Tiber River, it’s much cheaper than other neighborhoods in Rome, and less crowded too, making it an ideal choice for travelers wanting to stay close to the action but without being directly in it.

It’s where we found espressos for less than €1, wines for €2.50, street performers and music in the squares and on the streets, and a generally electrifying atmosphere.

Things To Do In Trastevere

1. Walk Down The Side Streets

caz and savannah walking down cobblestone street of Trastevere rome
Every side street has something to discover

I love strolling down the back streets of the Trastevere district in Rome. It’s like walking through the pages of a…

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