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Top Things To Do In NYC – Favorites for First Timers

Top Things To Do In NYC - Favorites for First Timers

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Very few cities in the world need no presentation, and one is undoubtedly New York City. Featured in more movies than you can see in a single lifetime, NYC’s beauty attracts tourists from all over the world. But this iconic city is not only glamor and unmissable landmarks; it delights visitors with a rich history, incredible museums, and cultural novelties. This guide is a great starting place to have an idea of the things to do in NYC on your next trip.

New York City is constantly changing, and every time you visit it, you will find something new to do. An incredible hub for entertainment, architecture, and food, NYC is so much more than “the city that never sleeps.” Whatever idea you have of ‘vacation,’ New York City is the place to get it to come to life. Keep reading to discover how to experience NYC’s unmatched energy and allure in the best way.


Things To Do In New York

Arguably one of the best cities in the western hemisphere, NYC has enough historic landmarks to keep you busy for a lifetime.

Let me help you figure out how to spend your next trip to New York City with a breakdown of the city’s must-see attractions.

#1 Bike tour of Central Park

Among the best things to do in New York City is visit Central Park. The most iconic park in the world, Central Park is likely the first image you have in your mind when thinking about the city. This is not surprising since the first scene of many movies and TV series shows aerial views of Central Park.

This artificial park of 693 acres features gardens, meadows, and forests. The perfect place to unwind and get outside the hustle and bustle that characterizes New York City, Central Park is also ideal for those who love to walk, jog, and run. The park’s ring pathway is around 9.5 kilometers long, and one of the top ways to do it is with a bicycle.  

With the bike, you can lap through the entire park more quickly than on foot. This will leave you plenty of time to explore the rest of Central Park, which boasts excellent attractions, many of which are open year-round. 

Along the way, you will pass sculptures, bridges, 21 playgrounds, a zoo, and even an ice-skating rink from October to March. Map the park route to stop at classic places, particularly the Bethesda Fountain,…

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