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Expert reveals the three biggest things that can end a relationship on holiday

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Watching the sunset hand-in-hand after an day of exploring or sharing a romantic candlelit meal are some of the incredible things you may dream about when going on your first holiday with a partner, but a new study shows that getaways can also be a daunting challenge for new love.

Approximately 60 per cent of people say they view their first romantic holiday with a new partner as a ‘make or break’ test, from which they’ll be able to discover if they’re really compatible.

According to the research, couples are worried that being around each other all day and night could bring on the dreaded “ick” and lead them to question whether they actually fancy their partner.

The three biggest fears for new couples on vacation include snoring while sleeping (29 per cent), farting in front of a partner (29 per cent) and sharing a bathroom (26 per cent), found the study commissioned by Tui Blue.

Other turn offs people are worried about include finding out how messy they are (20 per cent). And while there’s nothing wrong with having a close relationship to family, 13 per cent of people said that finding out their partner FaceTimed their family every day would make them question their relationship status.

Relationship science expert Paul Brunson agrees that stress about a holiday with a loved one can be a real problem. “A first trip away together is an exciting but nerve-wracking step for most new couples,” says Brunson, who has appeared on TV shows such as Married at First Sight and Celebs Go Dating.

“There can be anxiety about spending so much time alone together that it reveals potential annoying or unusual habits to one another… or even worse, the ‘ick’.”

The worry about going away with a new boyfriend or girlriend accumulates with age as the survey of 2004 adults aged between 18 – 65 found that 41 per cent of those aged 56–65 wait until after six months to book a big break.

Those aged 18–35 were more likely to put their relationship to the test faster, wasting no time to see if their relationship thrives or takes a nosedive as a result of a trip. The study found 20 per cent of people in this age group talked about holidays after just two weeks of dating.

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