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Uchhaith Bhagwati and Ahilya Sthan in Mithila

Uchhaith Bhagwati Temple in Mithila

Like every region of India, Mithila also is full of Devi temples. I saw many of them at Darbhanga, however, most of them are new. Ancient Devi temple of Mithila include Uchhaith Bhagwati Temple and Ahilya Sthan, both of which are mentioned in our Indian Scriptures.

We visited both these temples on our way to Janakpur – the ancient capital of Mithila.

Uchhaith Bhagwati Temple

Uchhaith Bhagwati gets her name from the village that is also called Uchhaith. It lies on the path that many Rishi Munis took to go to Himalayas. Yes, it is in the foothills of the Himalayas, very close to Janakpur.

Temple story also says that Sri Ram also visited this temple on his way to Janakpur. Indeed, the Ahilya Sthan story that we will visit in a minute too, corroborates this story.

Kalidasa Story

Story goes that Kalidasa was a fool with no knowledge. He was married to a very learned Vidyottama, by trick. When she found out about Kalidasa, she kicked him out and told him to return only when he has enough knowledge. It is believed that Kalidasa started working at a Sanskrit Pathshala near Uchhaith.

Being a Durga devotee, he used to visit and light a lamp in the temple every day. One stormy night, he crossed the river with great difficulty to light the lamp. Devi was pleased with his devotion. She appeared before him and asked him to seek a boon. Kalidasa, of course, asked for knowledge and was awarded that gift. He went on to become the greatest poet the world has seen.


You see a big Machh Dwar announcing the temple, with two giant golden fishes. The path leading to the temple is full of shops selling Puja items and prasad. Inside the compound there are vendors selling flowers, coconuts, chunris, surrounding the temple in red.

Uchhaith Bhagwati Temple in Mithila
Uchhaith Bhagwati Temple

This is an ancient temple dedicated to Bhagwati in the form of Chhinmasta – the one with a severed head. She is one of the Dash Mahavidyas. In the Garbhagriha, you see an image of Devi in black stone. It is not easy to see it as it is covered with piles of red hibiscus flowers. Pandit ji was kind enough to lift the flowers to let us have the darshan.

Many women were worshipping the Devi. It is a live temple pulsating with divine energy. When we visited, a katha was going on, as a prelude to the upcoming Navaratri. There is a Shiva temple in the premises.

Chhinmasta as Uchhaith BhagawatiChhinmasta as Uchhaith Bhagawati
Chhinmasta as Uchhaith Bhagawati

The temple is tiny when you compare it to its importance and popularity. The tiles were coming…

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