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Unveiling New England’s Hidden Gems A Guide to Off-The-Beaten-Path Adventures

Warren Falls in the Green Mountains of Vermont in the Fall

Craving for a unique trip in the U.S.? Then, pack your bags for New England! This region encompasses six states—Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and Connecticut. It has an estimated population of 14.2 million as of 2022, but there are many hidden gems here you can enjoy, minus the crowds. (1)

If you’re ready to set off, this is for you. Explore the charming towns, historical sites, and spectacular landscapes this region offers for those skipping the tourist traps.

Hidden Gems by State


Vermont beckons visitors with its rolling green mountains, quaint villages, and rich history. Here are three spots waiting to be unveiled on your trip:

Come to Warren in the winter for some extreme skiing. This quaint town welcomes anyone wishing to hit the snow. Ski resorts like Sugarbush also boast some of the finest slopes you’ll ever witness. But do visit in the warmer months, too. The quiet country roads and the colorful scenic hiking trails are also must-sees.

Warren Falls in the Green Mountains of Vermont in the Fall

For recommendations on local eateries, lodges, and extra tips on touring Warren, keep in touch with travel blogs like TripGazer. These platforms share valuable information on places to see and unique things to do for first-time visitors to enjoy their trips to the fullest.

Prefer water over snow? If so, take a detour to Greensboro, a little haven near the Caspian Lake. Rental cabins are available nearby for visitors seeking a serene yet enjoyable trip away from the hustle of the crowds.

Go kayaking in the lake’s peaceful, glassy waters, or cast a line to catch some feisty bass. Greensboro might be small, but there are plenty of relaxing and engaging activities to do.


Massachusetts offers a delightful mix of coastal charm, historic towns, and vibrant cities. It has even garnered USD$ 24.2 billion from domestic and international tourists. (2)

These are some hidden gems visitors have likely seen: 

Foodies, rejoice! Menemsha is home to various delicious seafood dishes, thanks to being a fishing village. Indulge yourself in the restaurants this destination has to offer. Then, burn those calories by hiking along the Aquinnah Cliffs’ trails.

Sunset over the boats in the harbour of the fishing village of Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts USA.

Sunset over the boats in the harbour of the fishing village of Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts
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Why not rent a bike and explore at your own pace? Watch the town go…

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