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Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc fishing village

Welcome to my digital nomad guide to living in Phu Quoc. Home to stunning beaches, spectacular national parks, and some fantastic cultural and historical sights, it’s a remote worker’s dream destination. To alleviate any confusion it’s pronounced Foo Kwuck, and it’s just one of many idyllic locations within Vietnam.

Vietnam’s largest island has everything a remote worker could desire. Whether you enjoy kicking back at the beach following a busy day at the laptop or hiking amongst stunning lush countryside between online meetings, here is why you should consider Phu Quoc as your next digital nomad location.   

About Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc fishing village

The island city of Phu Quoc is home to around 180,000 people and is currently going through a period of rapid development thanks to a tourism boom. Since 2014, the Vietnamese government has allowed 30-day visa-free travel for all foreigners to Phu Quoc, which has resulted in a massive uptick in visitors. 

Phu Quoc includes the main island but comprises 21 additional smaller islets. Such is its beauty and in the hope of conserving it, Phu Quoc has terrestrial national park and marine protection.

Due to the rich supply of fresh anchovies offshore, it’s widely agreed among Vietnamese people that the best fish sauce in the world is made in Phu Quoc. Black Pepper is another major export and is cultivated widely on the island.  

Living in Phu Quoc As a Digital Nomad

digital nomad beach digital nomad beach

Phu Quoc was the final stop of my time in Vietnam and I’m glad I saved it until last. Simply because If I’d gone there first I may never have left! It’s an incredibly beautiful place that feels every bit like an island paradise. 

Like much of Vietnam, WiFi is widely available in Phu Quoc meaning remote working possibilities can be found almost everywhere. And while there aren’t too many dedicated coworking locations on the island, laptop-friendly cafes are very commonplace. I enjoyed having a few regular spots to work from (more on this later). 

My work/life balance was as good as I’ve known it in Phu Quoc. The low cost of accommodation and food meant that enjoying the good life was incredibly affordable. It’s completely feasible for a Phu Quoc digital nomad to spend the morning working amongst tranquil countryside, drive into town for lunch, and finish the working day at the beach. Sounds dreamy, right?

Is Phu Quoc Safe?

phu quoc beachphu quoc beach

Phu Quoc is generally considered safe for travelers. The island maintains a…

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