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Mistakes People Make On Group Trips

Mistakes People Make On Group Trips

Group trips are a great way to explore a new destination and make lifelong memories while connecting with loved ones. But with many different personalities and preferences at play, issues can arise.

“Most of the time, bad experiences on group trips aren’t a byproduct of going on a group trip,” Wendy Diep, a co-founder of the group travel app Let’s Jetty, told HuffPost. “It usually stems from poor planning, lack of communication and unmet expectations. But remember, it doesn’t have to be that way.”

To help make group travel a more enjoyable experience, HuffPost asked Diep and other experts to share some common mistakes that people make on these types of trips.

“Most people prefer to travel with loved ones, and post-pandemic, people are craving human connection and real-world experiences more than ever before,” Diep noted.

Avoiding Direct Conversations About Money

“Avoiding talking about money is a big mistake,” Diep said. “With a group, you’ll have people who have different spending styles or budgets. I have friends who love to have every meal out at bougie restaurants while they travel, while I have friends who can’t spend that kind of money. Not discussing it upfront will lead to awkward or uncomfortable moments on the trip, which really sucks when everyone’s already spending their hard-earned money to be there and have a good time.”

Before embarking on your trip, find out everyone’s budgeting priorities and preferences. Choose accommodations and meal options accordingly, and keep people’s financial needs in mind throughout the trip ― for instance, when you’re figuring out how to split a dinner bill after some people had multiple courses and drinks while others just ordered salad.

“Ask everyone how much they are looking to spend for the entire trip, including food and activities,” said Phil Dengler, a co-founder of travel website The Vacationer. “Traveling with people who have a high budget is easy, but you will have to do a little more work if you are with more frugal people. If your budget is limited, figure out any potential splurges that will make everyone more comfortable.”

Not Making Reservations

“Not having a plan is the biggest mistake you can make on a group trip,” said Madison Pietrowski, the director of brand for the U.S. at the travel platform GetYourGuide. “Book your activities in advance! It’s important to have a plan for each day when dealing with a large group, or else you’ll feel like…

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