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How to Find the Perfect Apartment Rental for Your Vacation

How to Find the Perfect Apartment on Sites Like Airbnb

Last Updated: 4/16/2024 | April 16th, 2024

I used to hate renting apartments from websites like Airbnb. As a solo traveler, I preferred the social atmosphere of hostels. You got to meet people, they ran activities, hosted events, and were where you were “supposed to stay” as a backpacker.

When I did want something other than a hostel, I used a hospitality network liked Couchsurfing or simply stayed with friends.

But, after a decade of life as a nomad, there are times when I like my privacy (and sometimes I also need extra space for work). While I may not use apartment rentals all the time, I stay in them often. I’ve found that they provide good value (especially if you’re traveling with multiple people), privacy, space, and a great home-like environment.

While Airbnb is not as good as it used to be (and while it does contribute to overtourism), there are still lots of great hosts on the platform who provide budget-friendly accommodation to travelers looking for an alternative to hostels that won’t break the bank.

After using apartment rentals regularly for years, I wanted to create a detailed guide about how they work, how to pick the perfect apartment, and how to not get cheated.

How Do Apartment Rentals Work?

How to Find the Perfect Apartment on Sites Like AirbnbHow to Find the Perfect Apartment on Sites Like Airbnb
Apartment rental sites allow locals to rent out an individual room, shared space (such as a couch in a living room), or entire home/apartment. The host lists their place online, posts photos, writes a description, hit publish, and, presto, they can start to make extra money with the unused space.

The booking process is like booking any other type of accommodation online. You search the database, find a place you like, create an account, and request a booking. When the owner accepts, you are sent a confirmation.

Additionally, many websites allow owners to list their place with an instant booking option, which means you don’t even have to wait for the owner to reply. You’re instantly booked in your accommodation (similar to when you book a hotel).

You’ll also be able to read reviews about the host and the apartment and see exactly what amenities are included. For example, you can see if there is a kitchen (so you can cook your own meals to save money) or if there are restrictions on noise, smoking, and pets. Maybe you need access to a washer and dryer or fast Wi-Fi. You can find all of that out in the host’s profile (or in the reviews).

Most accommodation rental sites also include a map so you can see where you’ll be…

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