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Visit Garden of the Gods in Colorado

Garden of The Gods

In the mid-1800s, a young surveyor in what we now know as Colorado Springs named Rufus Cable stated that an array of whimsical red rock formations that he had stumbled upon while in the line of duty were so stately and beautiful that they looked like a meeting place for the gods. Thus, one of Colorado‘s most beloved landscapes—the Garden of the Gods—became a treasured destination that would thrill nature lovers for generations to come.

The Garden of the Gods features towering red rock formations that resemble cathedral spires, turrets, and delicate stacked sculptures that look as though they were created by an all-powerful deity with an eye for rock landscaping. The Garden of the Gods is a former seabed, so all the rock formations were created by thousands of years of erosion.

The Garden of the Gods is a public park that is operated by the city of Colorado Springs. For a modest fee, visitors can tour the park via motorized trolley, jeep, or car. There are numerous hiking trails that allow visitors to explore the towering rocks up-close. The Garden of the Gods is also a rock climbing hotspot. You may even be fortunate enough to spot a herd of bighorn sheep grazing on a mountainside.

The onsite Visitor and Nature Center has several exhibits about the geology and flora and fauna of the region and the ancient Red Rock People who once inhabited the Garden of the Gods. There is also a display dedicated to Theiophytalia Kerri—a unique species of dinosaur that was discovered by professor James H. Kerr in the Garden of the Gods.

The Garden of the Gods is home to some of the most stunning red rock formations in the Western United States. No trip through red rock country is complete without a day spent enjoying the splendor of the Garden of the Gods.

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