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Relaxing on pristine stretches of sand away from the crowds of popular resort towns

The lesser known beaches of the Aegean coast Relaxing on pristine stretches of sand away from the crowds of popular resort towns

Turkey is known worldwide for its gorgeous beaches that has clean and transparent oceans and incredible surrounding views. Bodrum, Marmaris, and Cesme have always been the most popular coastal towns with thousands of tourists in the season, some remarkable beaches on the Aegean also have the gift of offering a more calm and private experience together with nature.

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Kabak Beach

Among other hidden gems, the most prominent one would be Kabak Beach which is found in Kabak village that is situated in Fethiye districts. A piece of land in this particular area is close to world thundering height hills and offers you the best privacy ever. Just a boat ride or taking a long, steeped down path which can be very tricky leads to the beach, which is created by such a challenge maintaining a clean and unchanged natural look. Then a picturesque Kabak beach consisting of wonderful white sand and gin-clear water.

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Datca Beach

Apart from these three crystal clear waters, there is one more hidden beach on the Aegean coastline which is Datca Beach located in Datca town, which is where the modest city is. This poem is interesting because of the still surface of the water, where you can reflect on yourself, and the beautiful mountain views that surround you. Imagine yourself seeing a coquette of the sea and you will realize that these sparkling waves will be your choice for the seafood restaurants which will be such a place to daydream on the beach. Datca Beach can boast of an artificially Maldives-like ambiance and it is also one of the top playgrounds for water sports fans including paddle boarders and snorkelers and hence another good wardrobe for people or travelers who are scouting for rush and adventure.

Bozbuk Beach

Bozbuk beach, located in Akbuk, Turkey, is a heaven. While it is not frequently visited by tourists because it is a…

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