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How To Start A Travel Blog [Tips From Successful Travel Bloggers]

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I’m frequently asked about how to start a travel blog by many aspiring travel bloggers. They’re super excited to get paid to travel the world and create a full-time travel life.

Before you go buying a domain and writing your tips and advice on the internet, hold on skippy, because starting a travel blog is easy, but starting one that’s going to be successful and make you money, is not.

Travel blogging is an excellent way to travel full-time, and we’ve been blogging for 14 years now.

However, travel blogging is not as easy as it looks, and contrary to what people believe, we’re not always sitting by a pool with a cocktail in hand and watching money roll in – it requires hard graft, skills, and a tenacious attitude that says “never give up.”

It’s challenging, but I love it

I don’t want you to start travel blogging with an idea that the day after you start a travel blog, you’ll get free trips and live the dream.

It took us a year of hard work before we got our first “free” trip, and three years before we could make a full-time income out of it.

It felt like it was going to be a never ending journey to make money travel blogging, but we got there. You can too.

Below are some of our biggest tips on how to start a successful travel blog with the end goal of making it a full-time business. In 2020, we also took what we knew about travel blogging (all tips below) and created a new niche site which is focused on this wonderful city we live in. We’ve had huge success, making good money, and currently have incredible opportunities

How To Start A Successful Travel Blog

We made a lot of mistakes, and at the time we started travel blogging, there wasn’t a lot of people who’d figured out how to make travel blogging a full-time income and lifestyle.

Your success could be quicker with the right planning, tools, resources, and learning. We hope to help you avoid some of those blogging mistakes with this post for blog beginners on how to start a travel blog.

1. Treat it as a business from the beginning (but don’t forget your readers)

caz looking at sunset at minaret vista mammoth
Minaret Vista, MAmmoth

The biggest key to making our travel blog a success was treating it like a business from the start.

If you have a goal of making money, either through ad income or affiliate marketing, then you’ll find that eventually you’ll walk towards that goal.

That being said, it’s important to not forget who is reading your blog. People come to your site because…

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