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Everything You Need To Know About Gantheaume Point, Broome, WA

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If you’re looking for a beautiful place to catch a sunset and feel the energy of Northern Australia’s natural beauty, then you’re going to want to head to Gantheaume Point near Broome.

This stunning headland is located at the Southern end of Cable Beach, and looks out over the shimmering turquoise Ocean facing the sunset.

It’s not only sunsets that attracts people to Gantheaume Point, but it’s prehistoric history, which can be found etched into the stone at the bottom of the red cliffs, where dinosaur footprints have been preserved in the reef rock and are viewable only at low tide.

There is no doubt that Gantheaume Point is a gorgeous and stunning place to visit, but you might be wondering how to get there, what there is to see and do there, and what makes it special.

So if you’re keen to find out, here’s everything you need to know about visiting Gantheaume Point.

What Is Gantheaume Point Famous For?

What makes Gantheaume Point special is that it has unique characteristics and an ancient history that dates back thousands of years, dating back to the jurassic period.

The point was initially observed by French Explorer Nicolas Baudin in 1801, who, from a far-off vantage point, mistakenly identified it as an island.

It wasn’t until Phillip Parker King took a closer inspection of Gantheaume Point and realized the mistake.

Soon after, explorers discovered many dinosaur tracks and plant fossils embedded into the rocky headland here at very low tide.

Not only is Gantheaume Point one of the best paleontological sites in Australia, but it’s naturally beautiful too. The striking red sandstone cliffs that overlooks the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean is an awe-inspiring natural spectacle.

A sunset over a body of water

The pindan (red-soil country of the south-western Kimberley region of Western Australia) is something you’ll see a lot of in Broome, actually the whole Kimberley region, but, when you’re in Broome, the most striking place to see it is at Gantheaume Point.

While Craig was taking photos, the girls and I were scrambling over the rocks, barefoot and pretending we were dinosaurs.

And if you can time your visit on a really low tide, you will be able to see dinosaur footprints deeply etched into the rock – evidence on who could not resist this divine view millions of years ago too.

In places the rock becomes soft,…

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