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Is Adelaide Worth Visiting? 11 Reasons To Say Yes!

A view of Adelaide city from above

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My father is probably not going to speak to me about letting the cat out of the bag; but Adelaide is Australia’s hottest city break destination.

Many people come to Adelaide as a gateway to Barossa Valley, to drive the Great Ocean Road, or to take the iconic Ghan train up to Darwin through the outback, but you might be wondering; is Adelaide worth visiting as a destination in itself?

Adelaide in a modern and vibrant city that has a laid-back, small town feel. Its position makes it a great base for exploring other iconic areas of South Australia, it’s surrounded by stunning beaches, rolling hills and vineyards, and it’s also more affordable than other cities in the South such as Melbourne.

Adelaide has charm, sophistication, history, elegant beauty and a fresh, gentle, fun way of living that doesn’t zap your energy like the big buzzing cities of Sydney and Melbourne do.

This is just a snapshot of why Adelaide is worth visiting, but if you need more convincing, then keep reading to see all the reasons why we love Adelaide!

Reasons To Visit Adelaide

Here are eight reasons you should forget Sydney and Melbourne for your next getaway and head to Adelaide.

1. It’s A Beautiful, Breathable City

It may not have the stunning wow factor of Sydney, but Adelaide has a softer gentle beauty with the surrounding hills to the east, beautiful beaches to the west, luxuriously wide boulevards, many parks and gardens, enormous skies and wide-open spaces.

Unlike Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide offers you space to breathe.

Everything you need is only 20 minutes away and with a population of only 1 million, you can swing and spin with arms wide open while appreciating all it has to offer.

2. The Food Capital Of Australia

woman eating chocolate strawberries Adelaide central market

One hour spent exploring the 143-year-old Adelaide Central Market convinced me Adelaide was the food capital of Australia.

It has over 80 stalls, cafes and restaurants all showcasing local produce.

You can watch cheese being made, feast on chocolate, enjoy coffee from an Italian family with a 55 year history in the markets.

Alternatively, buy from green grocers who’ve been operating for more than 35 years. There is even a food tour you can do around the markets.

In the city, highly awarded fine dining restaurants exist alongside pop up bars and food trucks. There’s over 100 pubs in the city and plenty of…

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