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Things To Know About Australia Before You Travel Down Under

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Whenever we meet new travelers who are thinking of exploring Down Under, we always get asked the same thing; what are some important things to know before going to Australia? Of course, being Australian, we’re used to hearing this question and have our answers well prepared.

You need to know about the size of the country, how the internet sucks, what foods you should try (hint, it’s not kangaroo), and how to protect yourself against our deadly animals.

As Australians, we were so used to growing with these things, that it wasn’t until we moved away that we realized there are a lot of things to know about Australia for international travelers if they want to see the best of our country.

So we decided to put this guide together to help you make the most of a journey Down Under. Allow us to be your guide to exploring Australia and teach you everything we know about our birth country.

Things To Know About Australia Before You Go

Below are some of the important things we feel travelers should be aware of before they take a trip to Aus.

Just so you know the following are not all facts, there are a few passionate opinions thrown in, too!

1. Australia Has A Vast and Diverse Landscape

family looking at outback view from the Australian Age of Dinosaurs in Winton,
Australian Age of Dinosaurs – Winton

Australia is two-thirds desert and is the driest inhabited continent on Earth. It’s also the smallest, lowest and flattest continent. It’s the sixth largest country in the world.

It makes for an amazing site to see – there’s nowhere else in the world quite like the Australian outback or the untamed beauty of Tasmania, for example.

We don’t have what most people call mountains, which signifies our ancientness. Our highest peak is Mount Kosciuszko in the Snowy Mountains, which strangely enough, is also one of the most dangerous to climb because people aren’t prepared for the icy conditions. (We can put our hands up to that! We had to turn back.)

man with baby on back and holding girls hand walking up trail on Mt Kosciusko
Hiking Mt Kosciusko

For the unknowing traveler, it can be a shock to experience just how vast Australia’s landscapes are and how challenging they can sometimes be to cross.

When exploring Australia, particularly on a road trip (which is the best way to get around the country), you need to make sure you are always topped up with gas and have a plan in case you get stuck or stranded.

Make sure you pack a spare tire and you know how to change it!…

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