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30% Transfer Bonus from Chase Ultimate Rewards to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

30% Transfer Bonus from Chase Ultimate Rewards to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Chase Ultimate Rewards has once again launched a 30% transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. We tend to see this offer appear a few times a year, and it’s come up once again to kick off the warm travel months.

While Virgin Atlantic is based in the UK and primarily flies on transatlantic routes, there are some excellent opportunities to redeem Virgin Points on other airlines, including some of the best sweet spots in the game.

30% Transfer Bonus to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Until June 15, 2024, you’ll get a 30% transfer bonus when you convert Chase Ultimate Rewards into Virgin Points in Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

The usual transfer ratio is 1:1, but with the transfer bonus applied, you’ll get an effective transfer ratio of 1:1.3. In other words, for every 1,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards you transfer, you’ll get 1,300 Virgin Points.

This transfer promotion is only for those who dabble in US credit cards and have access to Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Unless you have a bit of history in the US, it’s not possible to access Chase credit cards in a short amount of time.

However, if you’re looking to redeem Virgin Points for high-value redemptions, it’s worth considering this transfer bonus offer, but you should line up a specific use for your points first, rather than transferring them on a speculative basis.

Is This Transfer Bonus a Good Deal?

Any time there’s a transfer bonus at play, it’s a good idea to consider what’s at stake, since it’s an easy path to getting even more outsized value from your points.

Aside from redeeming Virgin Points for flights with Virgin Atlantic, one of the best sweet spots around is to book ANA First Class and business class at some of the most competitive prices in the game.

A one-way flight in ANA First Class costs just 72,500 Virgin Points from the western US, or 85,000 Virgin Points from the eastern US. If you happen to find award availability, the transfer bonus brings the effective cost down to around 56,000–66,000 Chase UR points.

On the other hand, a one-way flight in ANA business class costs just 45,000 Virgin Points from Vancouver or the western US, or 47,500 Virgin Points from the eastern US. With the transfer bonus at play, you can effectively book the flights for just 35,000–37,000 Chase UR points.

Book ANA business class with Virgin Points

Fortunately, it looks like there’s excellent ANA business class…

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