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Is Belize Safe To Visit In 2024? Your Guide To Belize Travel Safety

Belize Travel Safety Travel advisories

Belize is gorgeous. We should know; we just returned from a two-week trip. The mainland is covered in a dense, tropical jungle, while offshore, it has the Belize Barrier Reef—an acclaimed spot to scuba dive and snorkel. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ve also got the history of Mayan ruins to experience at sites like Altun Ha. Basically, we totally understand why you want to visit. Belize is in a league of its own.

Unfortunately, you will need to take some extra safety precautions, though. Staying safe in Belize requires you to go beyond the usual “check general travel advice and book basic travel insurance.” The country has quite a few instances of crime, gang violence, and drugs, which can leak into tourist areas.

In this guide, we’ll prepare you for staying safe in Belize. We just returned from a visit to Cay Caulker, Ambergris Cay, and San Ignacio and felt really safe. If you take the right precautions you can enjoy this country worry-free like we did. So, don’t rule out scuba diving and sightseeing Mayan ruins just yet; here’s what you need to know.

Is Belize Safe? A Quick Summary

We know that not everybody has the luxury of time. If you’re in a rush, check out these main bullet points for a quick overview of safety in Belize.

  •  Belize experiences a notably high crime rate for violent crime, including homicide, sexual assault, and armed robbery.
  •  Belize is plagued with gang violence, which occasionally results in shootings in public places.
  • The border areas, Caracol, and Belize City (particularly the inner-city region of Southside Belize City) all experience a high crime density.
  • Belize is rife with natural disasters like hurricanes, so visitors should take caution when traveling during hurricane season.
  • Road standards in Belize are considered poor by international standards.
  • There have been incidents with water activities resulting from poor safety procedures and measures.

Notable Travel Advisories: Officially Speaking, Is Belize Safe?

Belize Travel Safety Travel advisories

Officially speaking, Belize is possible to visit and not barred as a “red list country” or “do not travel” area by the USA or UK. Instead, it’s widely advised to take increased caution if you visit Belize.

The US Travel Advisories for Belize suggest that you exercise increased caution throughout the country, escalating its concerns specifically for Belize City. It advises that you “reconsider travel”, marking the city as a Level 3 zone despite the rest of Belize securing a…

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