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Viral London tent Airbnb reopens and the price has increased

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An Airbnb advert offering the chance to stay in a tent inside a London flat that was originally removed from the website following public outrage has reopened – and the price has increased to £80 a night.

The unusual stay went viral in January after images of the dwelling in London’s popular Chinatown were circulated online, shocking viewers with the state of the London rental market before hastily being removed.

At the the time, the Airbnb cost £68 a night per tent, but The Independent can now reveal that the property has been relisted and the host has increased the price to as much as £80 a night.

This means a month-long stay in one tent will set holidaymakers back a staggering £2,240 – or around £2,632 including the service fee.

In the new listing, the host has given a more realistic idea of what visitors can expect, having previously dubbed the tents “romantic” the first time around.

They clarify that the area is noisy and guests should bring earplugs.

The host also explains that while there is a security camera in the property, there are no cameras inside the tents themselves.

The new listing reads: “As our place is near [the] busiest business street, the tent is not [quiet] at night.

“About the security device, there are two watch system [devices] to help to protect the goods of guests. One is on top of the front window and another is on the top of the back window.

“There is [not] any watch system inside of tent.

“We provide mattress and bedding and towels for you. As we near a busy street, our place is not quiet on [the] weekend. So please bring earplugs with you is best way.

“The price is just for one tent.”

Additionally, while each tent costs £80, guests will also have to fork out an additional £14 on an Airbnb service fee.

This means that the total price per tent is now £94 – but this could well be a bargain for the right person.

The Airbnb is located in the heart of Chinatown (Google)

The first time the property was listed and rented, it received a mixed response.

“The apartment is very well located and easily accessible, [the host] is responsive and responds very quickly,” read one review.

“On the other hand, we had to use a different bathroom every day, including once it was not clean at all (dirt, cigarettes on the floor, clutter…).

“In addition, the toilets in the common areas are not…

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