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Tips On Walking The 5 Lands Walk, Central Coast NSW

people walking on McMasters Beach, Australia

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The Five Lands Walk is an annual walking event that takes place every June, at the time of the winter solstice in Australia.

It’s a 10km cultural, spiritual and physical journey covering five major beach villages along the Central Coast, starting at MacMasters Beach, migrating through Copacabana Beach, Avoca Beach and North Avoca Beach before ending at Terrigal Beach.

The 5 Lands Walk is a spiritual ceremony created to welcome the coming of warmer seasons and longer days.

It’s also the time of the year when the humpback whales migrate north. The humpback whale is the totem of the Darkinjung people of the Central Coast, and so an important symbolism of the celebration.

We completed the walk on the busiest whale migration day; they swam alongside us out beyond the cliffs blowing their sprouts and waving their flukes. They provide respite at the Captain Cook Lookout after a slightly strenuous hill climb.

Well, strenuous if you are carrying a 12kg child on your back.

If you’re thinking of taking part in the Five Lands Walk but not sure what to expect, or what to do to prepare for it, then here are our top tips for taking on this journey…

About The Five Lands Walk

young girl walking on trail
Doing the mud walk
two girls holding hands on a trail
Love how they look out for each other

The Five Lands Walk is a peaceful and special way to connect people to people, and people to land. It’s also proud to claim itself as a wallet free day!

I highly recommend anyone travelling to Sydney in June to schedule it into their calendar as a worthwhile event.

The Central Coast is just over an hour north of Sydney. The area is so stunning and not explored much by those on the tourist trail.

father and two daughters walking on a trail at captain cook lookout
Daddy daughter time
coastal views at captain cook lookout
Winney Bay Lookout

The Five Lands Walk celebrates the diverse cultural communities that make up each of the five beaches.

The Aboriginal culture is the common thread that unites the Five Lands.

Opening Ceremony

crowds of people walking on beach
Let’s begin

The opening ceremony usually kicks off at 7.00am, when the event opens for the day. This is where you first get to learn about The Message Stick, a tradition belonging to the Darkinjung people. The reading of the Message Stick kicks off the event, and then it travels through the five lands with the Messenger.

There is also live music performances, sculpture exhibitions, art displays and performing artists.

Events on the Five Lands Walk

MacMasters Beach Central Coast
What a…

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