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Why I Love Cable Beach In Broome, Western Australia

umbrella on Cable Beach, Broome

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Picture this; steep sand dunes that gracefully slope down; the soil changing from hues of red soil to light orange, before eventually fading into pure white sand as it reaches the turquoise Indian Ocean.

This is the view of Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia. The landscape is vast and seemingly endless.

The 22km beach is wide enough that during low tide in May Australia’s only beach polo event is held on the flat sands here.

Despite being a popular beach in Broome and is always bustling with people, it’s sheer size and enormity means everyone can spread out and enjoy the tranquility without stepping on each others toes.

palm trees line Cable Beach,

Cable Beach is my favorite beach in Australia, and it’s not just because of the sheer amount of attractions you can do there, but because it has beauty, history, and was the backdrop for fond memories.

Why I Love Cable Beach, Broome

Here are some of the main reasons why I love Cable Beach…

Cable Beach in Broome is iconic

white curving cable beach

It’s deserving of its regular spot in the best beaches of the world list.

It’s perfect for beach cricket, 4WD tailgating, camel rides, long walks and runs and swims, morning meditation and just lazing and gazing.

wave washing up to shore

Crystal clear waters, rock pools, bars, food, a kiosk – what more could you ask for in a beach?

It has a fabulous grassed area for the evening picnic and a playground for the kids – romance or family, action or relaxation.

Sunsets at Gantheaume Point

Sunset at Gantheaume Point - Broome, Western Australia
family enjoying Sunset at Gantheaume Point

Around to the south of Cable Beach, you can vaguely make out the red cliffs of Gantheaume Point, a beautiful spot to walk where even the dinosaurs have walked. Yep, there’s footprints to prove it.

Gantheaume Point is often very quiet and provides the perfect spot for meditation by the ocean or just to go for a walk under a red rock cliff face overlooking a white sandy beach.

It’s especially spectacular at sunset, but any time of day is worth the short drive on the unsealed road, or you can even walk the length of beach if you’re up for it.

Sunset at Gantheaume Point - Broome, Western Australia

We didn’t see this but there’s another track which leads to a cast of dinosaur footprints at the bottom of the cliff, but you have to go at low tide to see them.

I’m sure they would be a hit with the kids. Next time.

The Camel Rides

family riding camels on on Cable Beach,

To the north, you’ll find the iconic Cable Beach camels slowly saunter along the hard sand in front of the…

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