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11 Places We Could Live Around The World

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Craig and I are eternal nomads, and it’s no secret that we’ve moved around the world a lot – not just as travelers, but as expats too.

We’ve lived in Dublin, Bangkok, London, and now Raleigh in the United States – the world is our home, and we’re always visiting places and contemplating whether it’s somewhere we could live.

Even though we’re settled in Raleigh, we’re always being asked where in the world we could live. We’ve seen much of this world and we’ve got quite a few contenders on our list.

While we’re happy with our home in Raleigh, there are other destinations in the world that we would happily put roots down in.

Of course, there’s always visa, work, and logistical issues to packing up your stuff and moving, but hypothetically speaking, if we had to do it again, these are the places we’d consider…

Places In The World We Could Live

Phuket, Thailand

Okay, so we have already lived in Thailand so of course we’re going to feature it highly on this list.

We loved living in Bangkok and could happily live there again, but next time I think we might head down to the islands for a while.

We would probably base ourselves in Phuket, just because it’s a hub with excellent links from the airport – you can fly to Kuala Lumpur or other destinations in Southeast Asia really conveniently, which means we could still travel around.

umbrellas and beach chairs on a beach

There is plenty to do in Phuket, not just beaches, and there are so many surrounding islands we could explore too.

Thailand for us has everything we could ever need in a place to live: a lovely warm climate, relaxed lifestyle, cheap living, great beaches, delicious food, awesome shopping and massages.

Let’s not forget the people. Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles” and for good reason – the people are always happy, welcoming and friendly. It rubs off on you, and you’ll find all your worries ebb away.

Find me one person who moved to Thailand and said they hated it – I bet you can’t!

Bordeaux, France

bikes riding along the quay of the garonne in bordeaux
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It is a toss up between Paris and somewhere like Bordeaux in France, but ultimately, the decision comes down to Bordeaux just because the traffic in Paris would get to me after a while.

I would love to rent a cottage near the wine region, that is also not that far from the coast.

I could handle spending my days cycling around the…

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