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The Ideal One Day in Porto Itinerary: Your Complete Guide to The City

one day in porto itinerary

Having visited Porto three times, we clearly love this beautiful city in Portugal. It truly is one of our favorite places in Europe. A lot of people pop into Porto for just a day, be it before their Douro Valley River Cruise or on a day trip on their Portuguese adventure. Because this city is so compact, Porto is a very walkable city, and it is easy to see many of its top attractions in just one day. While we recommend at least a few days in Porto, it is possible to see a lot, as all the main attractions are located close to the city center. So, we have created the perfect one-day in Porto Itinerary to make the most of your short stay.

One Day in Porto Itinerary

one day in porto itinerary

Porto is Portugal’s second largest city but it still feels small. The historic center is walkable and with easy and affordable public transport, Ubers and an organized walking route, you can see a lot in a short time.

If you only have one day in Porto, we suggest using Uber to get around. We found them to be very reliable and affordable. Also, if you plan on going into a lot of Porto attractions and using public transport you may consider the Porto Card. We didn’t use the Porto Card for one day, but you can check out what is included here.

A lot of our suggestions are easily walkable once you get to the area that we suggest. We have a map at the bottom of this post that you can follow. And we will suggest where and when to take an Uber and when to walk.


Livraria Lello

one day in porto itinerary livraria lelloone day in porto itinerary livraria lello

Harry Potter fans will want to head straight to Livrario Lellow to start your one-day itinerary. Call an Uber from your hotel and make your way to R. das Carmelitas for the first entry into this world’s most beautiful bookstore. It is rumored that Hogwarts’ winding staircases were modeled after Livraria Lello’s beautiful baroque staircases, but JK Rowling denies that. Either way, there is an entire section dedicated to the beloved series, and you will feel as if you have entered a magical bookshop.

one day in porto itinerary harry potterone day in porto itinerary harry potter

Many people have the most beautiful bookstore in the world on their list during their Porto itinerary, but many people also miss out due to a lack of planning. Make sure to book your timed entry in advance. The bookstore opens at 9:00 am, and you will want to book a golden ticket that lets you skip the line and gives you a free book of your choice. Even if you booked the golden ticket and can skip the line, show up at 8:00 to be at the front. We tell you exactly what to do here.

one day in porto itinerary dave and deb harry potter bookstoreone day in porto itinerary dave and deb harry potter bookstore

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