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How To Prepare For Full Time Travel [Guide To Decluttering]

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So you’ve decided to do it; the BIG trip of a lifetime! Perhaps you’re going away for a year, or perhaps you want to travel indefinitely, regardless of how long you plan to travel – good for you!

You must be feeling excited and itching to get going. I know I had itchy feet for months before we packed our bags and left Australia for a life of travel.

That being said, it wouldn’t be honest to say I wasn’t stressed about it as well. Traveling full time can feel daunting, and having spent years of continuous travel on the road, I can tell you that it’s right to have trepidation, too.

Going on a big trip, or leaving to travel indefinitely, is not as simple as packing up and going. There are a lot of things to plan and prepare before you go.

The easy part; packing up your possessions! The hardest part; decluttering!

If you’re wondering how to prepare for a life of travel and how to declutter your things, then it’s about to get real for you…

How To Prepare For A Life Of Travel

We have relocated internationally ten times, so preparing and packing for long-term travel is a fine art for us.

It can be overwhelming and full of mixed emotions. You’re taking years of memories and boxing, donating, or selling them and you’re leaving everything behind for a life you are unsure of. Swapping certainty for surprises.

Hold onto the joy and excitement of that, rather than the fear and longing.

We become so attached to our possessions, we often lose sight of who we are without them.

When you strip down to just a few things, you can finally get to know yourself, without the clutter butting in. Here’s how to get started…

Note: If you are preparing for long-term travel with children, it is important you involve them in this process. It’s important they feel the adventure is theirs to own too and they understand the very valuable lesson that possessions should not be the focus of life’s journey.

We show you how to do that more in-depth in our family travel planning toolkit. Click for access!

1. Let go

We hadn’t even announced our road trip around Australia, and we were out in the garage throwing away piles of stuff.

Some things we laughed at, some things were a great trip down memory lane, and others brought a bit of angst and tears.

Boxes reminded us of our painful past and all the stupid mistakes we…

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