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Old Bangalore Temple Trail – Nagarathpete to Balepete

Dharamrayaswamy Temple NagarathPete Bangalore

One fine Sunday morning 5 of us gathered at the edge of Dharamrayaswamy temple street in Nagarathpete to explore the old temples of Bangalore. Located right in the heart of the city, amidst busy markets these temples are the open-air history books telling is the story of the city and the communities that form the city.

Any big city is an amalgamation of migrants coming from different directions and settling down. With them they brin their deities, their customs, rituals, festivals, language and culture. What they adopt from their new homeland and what they carry forward from their old homes is a curious combination that no one can predict. However, over time this becomes the fabric of the land, lending its own identity to the new character of the city.

On this temple trail, besides the variety of temples I also saw this cultural amalgamation that is so beautifully co-existing in multiple layers. So, come walk with me virtually.

Dharamarayaswamy Temple / Nagarathpete Street Temples

Gangadhareshwara Temple – At the edge of Dharamrayaswami Temple Road is this small temple in white. You can Shiva Parvati and Ganapati sitting on top as a family with Nandi in front. Family is surrounded by two lions and the gateway has two elephants carved on it.

Temple was closed but we could get in and go around the temple. During the walk I learnt that many such small temples mostly remain closed. Priests come and do puja and then the temple is closed. A case of not many devotees visiting the temples.

This temple has a huge collection of votive Naga figures in its compound.

Anjaneya Swami Temple – Bang opposite the above temple is this very small Anjaneya or Hanuman temple. This was  the first temple I prayed at as I waited for my walking companions to come. A beautiful vigraha of Hanuman ji and a small walking path to do the Pradakshina.

Dharamrayaswami Temple in Nagarathpete

This is the most popular and unique temple on this trail. It is dedicated to Dharmaraja or Yuddhisthir of Mahabharata, his brothers and their wife Draupadi. This is the venue for famous Karaga festival of Thigala community that hails originally from Tamil region and are engaging in gardening activities.

Dharamrayaswamy Temple NagarathPete BangaloreThe story goes that once Adi Shakti as Draupadi created an army of Veerkumaras to annihilate an Asura. After this she was returning to her abode and when Veer Kumaras requested her to stay back on earth. She promised to return every Chaitra Purnima and Karaga…

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