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Best Things To Do In Gdansk (9)

Perched on Poland’s northern coastline, the historic city of Gdansk is one of Poland’s prettiest seaside cities. With a pretty rich heritage and history that makes this city the perfect place to visit for a weekend city-break.

I have always wanted to visit Poland, but with so many awesome cities and natural parks to see, I found it really hard to choose – that is until I ‘discovered’ the quaint city of Gdansk.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, we finally got around to booking our tickets, choosing our location and deciding on the best places to see while in this relatively small Polish city.

How To Get there?

Poland has such an established network of international flights that it makes a journey to the city relatively easy – even if it is only for a weekend.

Flying from London was around €50 (return) but don’t think that this is the only way to travel to Gdańsk.

The city is served by Europe’s network of railways and is easily accessible if you are planning a visit as part of a wider exploration of Europe.

Where to stay in Gdansk

Gdansk Accommodation

Gdańsk has such a vibrant mix of places to stay. We knew while we were there that we wanted to stay in a period property, one that really was typical of historic Gdańsk. Straight away we used the power of the interwebs to discover places to stay on AirBnB.

After a wee while of searching, I found a beautiful apartment for the weekend, which dated back to when Gdańsk was part of the Free City Of Danzig, an autonomous city-state that is similar in size to some of the picturesque micro-states of Europe that I really want to explore much more.

The apartment was beautiful, I think I actually let out a squeal when I walked through the door – it was stunning.

Travelling within Gdansk

Best Things To Do In Gdansk (19)

After undertaking a brief exploration of the city, I soon realised how walkable Gdańsk is – we actually walked the whole central belt of the city in a few hours. Public transport is relatively inexpensive, prompt and easy to find.

I only wished I had known this before we arrived. For some reason, I thought a hire car would be a good idea (don’t ask me why) but we ended up only using it for our transfers to and from the airport.

The only time I would actually recommend getting a car is if you want to explore the surrounding coastline (which, by the way, is stunning)!

8 Things to see in the city

While in Gdańsk, we were…

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