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Your Epic 1-Week Travel Itinerary To Visit Iceland – Hand Luggage Only

Best Things To Do In Iceland (34)

Iceland is a total dream country to visit, especially if you’re keen on the kind of trip that’s a little different from a beach or tropical holiday. That being said, it’s totally huge (much bigger than you might think)! So, I wanted to share our 1-week itinerary to visit Iceland that’ll help you along your way.

You see, Iceland is filled with the most dramatic natural sights and the best things to do that are dotted all across the island.

Not only that, but there’s also a heap of delicious meals and yummy restaurants that you really can’t miss. Oh, and don’t forget to head out on one of the most spectacular hikes in Iceland, too. Trust me, you’re going to be spoilt for choice. 

Honestly, the landscape is like another world! It’s so dramatic and to make things even better, everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

The first time we visited Iceland, we had two main bases, the Blue Lagoon and Reykjavik, both of which are incredible in their own right. Though, seeing as they’re located fairly close to one another, it was somewhat limited as you can only wander so far from your base location; even when you have a car.

The next time we visited however, we had the benefit of hindsight to guide us and developed a more detailed and comprehensive itinerary to see as much of Iceland as we possibly could in one week. All focus on the south and west of Iceland which can be much easier to visit on a first-time trip.

1-week itinerary to visit Iceland

Now, to save to you the hassle of organising everything from scratch, I wanted to pop our full 1-week itinerary to visit Iceland. Though, if you want to spend longer, just check out some of our other Iceland posts on some incredible places all across the island. Have the best trip! 


1.) Arrive in Iceland

Best Things To Do In Iceland (3)

Now, one of the best ways to get around Iceland is by car. So, after booking your car, pop over to the rental centre and head out on the open road. Although rental cars can be a little pricier than other destinations, they still work out much cheaper than booking individual tours around the island. Especially if there is more than one of you.

Truth be told, lots of the best things to do in Iceland are free to see and so all you need is a car to get to them. We can’t recommend this enough, it’s totally worth it.

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2.) Laugarvatn Fontana for a dip

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