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How To Make Money With A Travel Blog

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We have been travel blogging for over fourteen years now and we’re very fortunate to be able to make money with our travel blog and earn a living from it.

Whenever we meet people and we tell them what we do, we’re always met with “wait a minute, you can make money travel blogging?”

When we started blogging, not many people though blogging was a viable career option. To be honest, we didn’t realize the full profit potential when we started – we started because we love traveling and sharing our adventures and tips, but we soon saw an opportunity to make it our business.

JOY in Cedar Key

And why not? There are many ways you can make money travel blogging; from sponsorships, partnerships, affiliate programs and advertising – as well as so much more.

So the next time I get asked “wow you can make money travel blogging” I now have this guide to share with them.

It’s time to address the biggest question we regularly get asked:

How Do You Make Money Travel Blogging?

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Let’s face it, most people who see our travel lifestyle, and desire to get paid to travel. When I tell people we make money writing about our travel adventures, I’m always met with amazed faces, jaws dropping to the floor, and gasps of “wow you can do that!?”

In 2020, we started a local nice niche site on living in Raleigh (Our now permanent home) Since we had years of experience, we had quick success, and now earn a sustainable income through that site and in the same ways as our travel site (plus a few additional ways not relevant to travel blogging).

So, what’s the best way to make money travel blogging? Here are some ways you can make money from a travel blog…

Start With The Right Mindset

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Lake Louise, Canada

Before you jump the gun and start signing up for affiliate programs and reaching out to tourism boards, you got to start with the right mindset.

That is to say, go in with the mindset that your blog is an extension of your experience and expertise, not a tool for monetization.

The thing you must understand is you will not make much money OFF your travel blog (you can but you need super high traffic numbers) but BECAUSE of your travel blog.

Blogging can open up many doors for you, but they won’t open until you’re established as an authority figure and have a strong readership base.

If you want this to be a long-term…

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