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Visit a Dreamy Blue Forest in Belgium

Beautiful blue forest Hallerbos in Belgium

European fairy tales are full of gorgeous enchanted forests populated by magical creatures such as giants, gnomes, and elves. The vibrant wildflowers that blanket the Hallerbos—or ‘Blue Forest’—in Belgium have surely sparked the imaginations of storytellers throughout the ages. Each spring, the Blue Forest is home to a sea of delicate bluebell blooms that delight every human, animal, and mythical creature that gazes upon their ethereal beauty.

The stately pine, beech, and oak trees of the Blue Forest are breathtakingly beautiful all year long, but the explosive bluebell blooms that reach their peak from late April to early May elevate the Blue Forest’s sweeping loveliness to the level of a habitat fit for enchanted creatures. Visitors can spend a pleasant spring day walking beneath majestic trees and enjoying waves of color that appear too vivid to be real.

Travelers can ride a rented bike, join an equestrian tour, or stroll through the forest at a leisurely pace. There is even a small Forest Museum where visitors can learn more about the plants and animals of the Blue Forest. Wildlife is abundant, so even during busy times, onlookers can expect to encounter deer, foxes, wild hares, and birds such as woodpeckers and robins.

During the warmer months, the Blue Forest offers birthday party packages that cater to young visitors. For a moderate fee, young nature lovers and their friends can hunt for hidden treasure in the Blue Forest alongside a friendly plush squirrel. The Forest Museum is converted into a party room where revelers can eat cake and open presents.

Even though the Blue Forest is fairly close to Brussels, many travelers are unaware that they could take a slight detour to spend a morning or afternoon exploring a dreamy forest that seems straight out of the pages of a book of fairy tales.

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