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Is Prague Expensive? (Tips For Visiting This Year)

Prague Travel Costs

You don’t get the nickname “the City of a Hundred Spires” for no reason; Prague is a gold mine of stunning architecture. The city is the hub of all things medieval and Gothic and, unsurprisingly, is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is in central Europe and is a popular stop-off on the hallowed Eurorailing itinerary. Consider it a real superstar amongst European city breaks.

You can spot the Catholic saints on top of Charles Bridge, take photos in Old Town Square, and cruise down the Vltava River. It’s easily one of the best cities to visit in Europe for compact city-center sightseeing.

Of course, the real question is, “Is Prague expensive to visit?” In short, yes, Prague can be cheap to visit, especially if you compare it with other major European cities. The city had a pretty drastic rise to fame in the 1980s-90s, and with that, its tourist prices rocketed. If you’re planning a trip to Prague, it’s a great idea to have a rough budget in mind. In this guide, we’ll break down all the costs of visiting so you can be well prepared.

Costs of Flights to Prague

Prague Travel Costs

Airfare will be your biggest cost, depending on your destination. For the sake of this section, we’ll split you into two groups: US travelers and EU travelers. Obviously, we have readers outside of this demographic. Still, US flight prices are relatively similar to those in other regions like Oceania. So we’ll keep things simple with just two groups.

Flying From North America

If you’re flying from the US, you can find airfare at around $250 off-peak, averaging around $500-600 for return tickets. Of course, this hikes in summer, with airfare from the West Coast rising to around $1,000.

Here are a few examples of different airfare costs, which vary per departure destination and period:

  • $930 return from LAX to Prague in June (two stopovers)
  • $650-80 return from LAX to Prague in October or January (one stopover)
  • $650 return from JFK to Prague in June (two stopovers)
  • $540-50 return from JFK to Prague in October or January (one stopover)

If you want more reasonable prices, flying from the East Coast out of season is your best bet. You’ll find cheaper rates if you’re okay with changing for more stopovers.

Flying From Europe

If you’re flying from Europe, the first thing to consider is whether you should even fly. Many countries, including France, have a strict policy on short-haul flying, with some even mandating overland alternatives for short distances.

If you…

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