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How to Visit Italy’s Technicolor Masterpiece

Colorful streets of Burano island surrounding a canal lined with covered speedboats.

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Burano is a bright and colorful island not far from Venice, perfect for a day trip. Although it’s technically part of the city of Venice, this tiny island in the Venetian Lagoon has a slow-paced, small-town atmosphere and plenty of charm.

Burano is one of the most colorful places I’ve ever been, with picturesque rainbow-hued houses lining every street and canal on the island.

Planning your trip to Burano last minute?

Venice is an extremely popular destination, and I recommend booking accommodation and tours as early as possible.

🎭 Top-Rated Tour on Burano Island:

  1. Visit Murano and Burano (Two islands in one trip!)

🛌  Top-Rated Hotels on Burano Island:

  1. Casa Burano (Elegant rooms in a historic location)
  2. Venissa Wine Resort (A unique luxury experience)
  3. Tiffany Gold (Mid-range apartment)

Burano is extremely small, with just three canals and a handful of streets running through it. You can easily walk from one end of Burano to the other in just 10 minutes. The population of Burano is just 2,800 people, many from families who have lived on the island for generations.

There are no cars on the island, and locals get around on foot, by bicycle, or by boat — historically, Burano has been a fishing town, so many families own small boats and keep them in the island’s canals.

The only way you can get to Burano from Venice is by boat, and when paired together, Murano Island and Burano Island make one of the best day trips from Venice.

Aside from its colorful houses, Burano is famous for its tradition of lace-making. The women of the island began making lace by needlepoint in the 16th century, and it was exported all around Europe. Although lace-making in Burano has declined over the centuries, it still remains an important part of the island’s cultural identity and tourism industry.

Burano is a very special little island, and I can’t wait to show you all about it. Visiting here is one of the best things to do in Venice!

This post was published in May 2024 and was co-written by Adventurous Kate and Dale Peterson.

Colorful streets of Burano island surrounding a canal lined with covered speedboats.

Things to Do on Burano Island

Explore the colorful streets

The best thing to do on the island of Burano? Spend some time simply wandering around the colorful streets and photographing everything.

Burano is filled with colorful homes painted in vibrant hues. There are several theories as…

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