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12 Exciting Things To Do In Kiama, NSW (surprising Beauty!)

Aerial overlooking Kiama Blowhole Point, Kiama at sunset

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Kiama, NSW, is one of the most idyllic small coastal towns south of Sydney.

It’s known for its iconic Kiama Blowhole, a cliffside cavern where seawater shoots into the air during rough tides, but there are so many more things to do in Kiama it’s worth visiting for more than a day trip from Sydney.

Credit: Destination NSW

This quiet coastal retreat offers a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city life in Sydney, and offers coastal walks, whale-watching opportunities, great surf and blissful beaches.

Whether you’re looking for nature, beaches, cultural experiences, or to discover the craft beer and foodie scene, don’t miss these top activities!

Things to do in Kiama, NSW

1. Check out the Kiama Blowhole

Couple watching the water plume from the Kiama blowhole.
Credit: Destination NSW

Of course I knew about the Kiama blowhole before visiting. The famous spouting water drawing visitors from across the globe.

I thought the Kiama blowhole would be far out from the town, not a five minute stroll from the main street on the headland – and I mean THE main street.

‘Kiama’ means “where the sea makes a noise,” accurately describing the Kiama Blowhole. It’s the most popular attraction in Kiama.

Under certain conditions, the blowhole can spray 50 litres of water up to 25 metres (82 ft) in the air. Prepare for the possibility of getting drenched.

There is a second less famous blowhole in Kiama, known to the locals as “Little Blowhole.” It’s a smaller, more narrow basalt stack, which makes it more reliable than the Kiama Blowhole, and can be just as spectacular.

It’s located at the Little Blowhole Reserve, Tingira Crescent, Kiama, 2km south of the main blowhole.

Sometimes, the famous Kiama blowhole just might be a hole. Like it was for us.

A close up of a rock
The blowhole becomes a hole

It all depends on nature folks. We got a glimpse of it the next morning. It was spouting a bit of a puff, enough for Kalyra to scream “It’s blowing!!”

We saw the blowhole blow.

It was completely unexpected. A little quiet dose of serenity in a different side of Australia coastal life.

You won’t be overrun by tourists when you arrive. You could even possibly have the whole place to yourself.

2. Enjoy the Relaxed small-town vibe of Kiama, NSW

flowers and colorful bushes on a sidewalk
Old terrace homes turned into cafes and restaurants

I was surprised when after researching places to stay in Kiama it didn’t return…

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