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13 Fun Things To Do In Busselton, WA Besides Wineries

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Busselton is most famous for being the gateway to the Margaret River region, a luscious area where wine, craft beer, gourmet food, beaches and surfing are part of daily life.

But you should not use Busselton as a pit stop, there are so many things to do in this town that you will find it an enjoyable destination in its own right.

From nature sites to museums and outdoor adventures, don’t miss these fun things to do in Busselton for an enjoyable vacation!

Things to Do in Busselton, WA

1. Take the Jetty Train on the Busselton Jetty (or walk)

Besides being a major “Down South” town, the Busselton jetty is a famous landmark that attracts people from all over. It extends 1,841 metres out to sea, but what makes it unique is its one of the few jettys in the world with a passenger train on them.

The timber piled pier is the longest one in the Southern Hemisphere and the second longest-timber-piled jetty in the world.

The iconic wharf draws a crowd all year round, and undeniable one of the coolest things to do in Busselton, WA is hop aboard the old-fashioned steam-engine replica for an easy-breezy trip to the (almost) end of the long jetty.

At the start of the jetty is a Visitors Center, where you can learn about the attractions on the pier, before you disembark the train at the Underwater Observatory, where you can view an artificial reef 8 meters under the sea without getting wet.

If you want to up the adventure, do the Busselton Jetty Undersea Walk, where you strap on an oxygen helmet and walk along the Indian ocean floor. If you’re into scuba diving, there are snorkeling and dive tours for all skill levels, where you can get up close to the marine life and corals below the jetty.

Or, you can walk the High Ropes Course.

Remember to walk the short distance to the very end and take a picture of yourself “out to sea” on your Busselton vacay.

2. Skydive over Busselton Jetty

people Skydiving with Skydive Geronimo

What better way to get good visuals of the entire jetty than from 14,000 feet above it.

Skydive Geronimo is the only skydiving company offering tandem jumps over the Busselton Jetty and believe me, it’s a holiday activity you’re not going to forget in a hurry.

Besides getting a spectacular view of the jetty sitting in Geographe Bay, you’ll also get a natural rush of adrenaline and a shot of bravado as you free-fall toward earth.

3. Fun at…

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