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Buy Aeroplan Points with a 100% Bonus

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Aeroplan has frequent sales on buying points with its Buy & Gift Points feature. 

From now until June 21, 2024 at 11:59pm Pacific Time, you can get a bonus of up to 100% when you buy Aeroplan points.

Buy Aeroplan Points with a 100% Bonus

Normally, Aeroplan sells points at a base price of 3.5 cents per point (CAD).

During the current promotion, you’ll get a different bonus depending on how many points you purchase:

  • Buy 4,000–30,000 points, get a 65% bonus
  • Buy 35,000–50,000 points, get a 75% bonus
  • Buy 60,000+ points, get a 100% bonus

With a 100% bonus, the effective acquisition cost comes to 1.75 cents per point (CAD). 

You may have a different offer available in your account, but a 100% bonus appears to be the best offer this time around.

At 1.75 cents per point (CAD), buying Aeroplan points with a 100% bonus is quite a bit less than our current target redemption valuation of 2.1 cents (CAD).

If you have a specific use for an Aeroplan redemption where you’d be sure to get more than the cost of buying points, a 100% bonus can represent a great deal. Looking back at the points sales for the past year, this is in line with the best-available offer we’ve seen. 

As usual, buying or gifting points doesn’t contribute to your Aeroplan Elite Status. We’ve previously seen a promotion for buying points which also counted towards Status Qualifying Dollars (SQD), but that’s not the case this time around.

How many Aeroplan points can you buy?

Since the launch of the Buy & Gift Points feature, Aeroplan has been allowing each member to buy up to 1,000,000 points per calendar year. That’s an enormously generous limit, much higher than other loyalty programs offer for buying points.

(Note that gifting points refers to buying points for another Aeroplan member, not transferring your existing points. You can gift up to 500,000 points per year.)

Usually, Aeroplan imposes a limit of 250,000 base points per transaction; however, that’s been doubled this time around. Between the base points and the bonus points, you can purchase 1,000,000 points in a single transaction.

Surely, it’s a steep price to pay, but it’s not entirely unreasonable if you’re able to secure long-haul routes in business class or First Class at a discount from what you’d otherwise pay in cash.

Which credit card should you use to buy Aeroplan points?

As Aeroplan points purchases are processed by, you won’t be able to earn category accelerators on Air Canada or travel purchases.


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