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Discover Branson’s Finest Hiking Trails

The top hike in Branson Missouri Skyline

Ready to explore Branson, Missouri’s best hiking trails?

Imagine walking through lush forests, breathing in crisp mountain air, and finding stunning vistas. Despite its small size of 13,000 people, there’s plenty to see. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just enjoy a good nature walk, there’s a trail here for you.

From easy-going paths to those that get your heart pumping, there’s something for everyone.

Branson’s Best Nature Trails You Can’t Miss

Lace up your boots and explore the beauty of Branson – you won’t want to miss this!

Are you traveling to Branson this summer and want to see the greenery rather than the city? You’re in luck, as Branson boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the US, with trails suitable for all levels of hiking ability. Even if this is your first hike, you won’t struggle!

Here are the top eight trails you should explore:

Waterfall Trail

If you love the sound and view of waterfalls, then you simply have to walk the Waterfall Trail.

Running along Roark Creek, this trail includes a canopy, amazing prehistoric rock formations, and, of course, a lot of waterfalls. Just make sure to always check the weather before you walk this trail, as it may close after heavy rainfall.

While you can’t camp out on this trail overnight, it’s conveniently located near two Westgate Resorts destinations, so you can relax in style after a long hike. And with pet-friendly accommodations, you can bring your furry friend along worry-free!

Wooden bridge in Branson Missouri

White River Valley Trail

Nestled in Table Rock State Park, the White River Valley Trail is a bit more mountainous than the Waterfall Trail.

Ideal for medium-skilled hikers and bikers, this trail is chock-a-block with natural beauty. You may encounter dolomite glades, American sycamore trees, and wildlife, including roadrunners, Missouri tarantulas (the state’s largest spider), and collared lizards. To see these animals, it’s best to visit during the peak of summer, so pack plenty of water.

Top of the Rock

For cave enthusiasts and lovers of unusual rock formations, the Top of the Rock trail is a must-see.

Located in the Ozark Mountains, this trail showcases the beauty of Table Rock Lake, along with waterfalls and caves. An interesting and fun feature of this trail is a bar inside one of the caves, allowing hikers to rehydrate or relax with a drink.

The Chapel of the Ozarks at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson Missouri

Table Rock Lakeshore Trail

If you’re looking for a trail that’s more accessible or easy to walk with kids, the Table Rock Lakeshore Trail is…

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